The Pros and Cons of Living in Arizona

Did you know that Arizona has a population of around 7 million? Living in Arizona is a rewarding and lovely experience, but it isn't without its downsides. How can you know if Arizona living is good for you?

If you're curious about moving states to Arizona, we're here to help. Read on to learn about some of the reasons Arizona is among the greatest places to live. Afterward, we'll highlight a few reasons that you may want to consider before you pack up your home and move out to the Copper State.

Pros of Life in Arizona

To start, let's look at the bright side of life in Arizona. While Jamie O'Neal may have sworn there was no Arizona, we can confirm that the Copper State has many incredible features. Here are some of the countless reasons you'll enjoy life in Arizona.

Warm Temperatures

Many people find themselves moving states for a change of weather. Florida, for example, has a large "snowbird" population.

Snowbirds are people that live in northern states where the winter season brings snow and sleet. Rather than take their white Christmas, they fly down to Florida for the winter, where the temperatures rarely approach freezing.

Arizona has many people that do the same. Temperatures in Arizona are warm year-round.

Temperatures will range depending on where you are, but they remain balmy. In winter, Phoenix, Arizona sees temperatures that range from lows in the mid-40s to highs in the upper 60s. Tucson and Yuma have similar climates, while Sedona and Flagstaff touch lower ranges.

Strong Economy

Arizona is also known for its strong economy. Many people applaud Arizona's economy for always moving forward and staying toward innovation. Some startups find their first launching there, such as the ride-sharing platforms Uber and Lyft finding a foothold in Arizona.

More and more businesses are continuing to move in. Currently, Arizona's economy is larger than Ireland, Finland, and New Zealand.

Robust Job Market

Along with that strong economy comes a robust job market. The tech world in particular is seeing a strong boom in Arizona.

Google, Apple, and Uber are all moving large headquarters into Arizona in the coming years. Lucid Motors is famously launching an e-vehicle manufacturing site in the Copper State.

These are just a handful of the massive opportunities that are booming Arizona's job market. Many people have begin moving to the Grand Canyon State to engage with this growing market.

Easy Driving

If you've spent much time packed to the brim on an 8-lane highway, you know how important driving is to a city's culture. Many states are horrendous to drive in. Parts of California are reminiscent of Mad Max while Florida famously has the deadliest highway in the United States with I-4.

Arizona's driving is refreshingly easy. While you'll find some congestion in large hubs like Tucson or Phoenix, driving is otherwise pleasant.

Much of the state is sparse, making traffic light. Roads are often well-maintained, traffic-free, and straight shots to your destination.

Culturally Diverse Area

Another fantastic benefit of Arizona is that it's culturally diverse. Many find themselves hesitant to move somewhere with a cultural homogeneity.

Arizona is particularly well-known for the large population of Native Americans. The Apache and Navajo communities are thriving in Arizona, with their languages still spoken.

Native American culture is far from the only culture represented. It's a great way to ensure your children grow up in a diverse and family-friendly community.

Strong Sports Culture

If you're a sports fan, Arizona is a great place to spend your years. Golfers have more than 200 locations to enjoy their favored sport from.

From smaller communities to world-famous championship courses, golf is an enormous culture in Arizona. Two of Arizona's golf courses are considered the best in the world. Scottsdale's Chiricahua and Carefree's Desert Forest Golf Club are world-renowned.

Golf is far from the only sport thriving in Arizona! Football fans have the Cardinals, baseball fans have the Diamondbacks, and Phoenix Rising FC is giving attention to the soccer fans. Every sport you can think of is represented in the Copper State.

Bustling Wildlife

For many people, the natural world of their new living space is vital. If you're an outdoorsy type, you'll be happy to know that Arizona has a bustling wildlife.

Arizona's native species include wolves, owls, rattlesnakes, peccaries, bobcats, and countless more. Those that like their "creepy crawlies" have hundreds of spider species that call the state home as well. The deserts of Arizona provide an incredible wealth of natural life for you to enjoy.

Tourist Seasons

In some states, there's not much of a reason for tourists to visit. As a result, the economy can become stale and only supported by local businesses. While small businesses are a fantastic thing worth supporting, an injection of tourism into the economy is often welcome.

Arizona has several tourist attractions that help keep the economy thriving. The Grand Canyon is one of countless reasons to visit the Copper State!

Sensible Cost of Living

Finally, the sensible cost of living is often all anyone needs to know to pack up. As the cost of living rises dramatically across the United States, Arizona stays competitive.

The cost of living is constantly changing, but Arizona remains in the middle of the pack. It's more expensive to live in thriving cities like Tucson or Phoenix. Still, compared to New York, San Francisco, or even Orlando, the prices are much better.

Cons of Living in Arizona

It can't all be beautiful nature and clear roads. While there's plenty of amazing things about Arizona, there are a few downsides to consider before moving. Here are some of the cons of living in Arizona.

Extreme Summer Heat

While the warm year-round temperatures are nice during winter, it becomes downright dangerous in the summer. Arizona often breaks records for being the hottest state in the nation.

Summer highs are often in the 90-120 degrees Fahrenheit range. These temperatures are uncomfortable and can make outdoor activities in the summer impossible. Without the right care, these temperatures can become dangerous to inhabitants.

Heavy Winter Traffic

While the traffic is often better in Arizona, winter sometimes sees large congestion. But why do more cars appear as the temperatures drop?

The previously-mentioned snowbirds often flock to Arizona by the thousands. As a result, the peak hours see thousands more vehicles than they see in previous months. The higher population in winter makes driving a much larger hassle, particularly in the warmer cities.

Car-Centric Engineering

Many people love their cars and car culture, which makes this far from a con. But for those that prefer walkable cities or streets that aren't clogged with a hundred vehicles, Arizona may not be best.

Arizona is designed in a way that makes a car a must-have. The public transportation in the center of a city is decent, but traversing cities becomes more difficult. Moving to Arizona without a vehicle will make living in the state a poor experience.

Sunstroke and Valley Fever

The high temperatures aren't just uncomfortable. Sunstroke, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are all common in Arizona.

The desert temperatures are among the highest in the nation, especially in summer. Arizona citizens need to take precautions to avoid potentially fatal illnesses as a result of the heat.

Another illness that's common in Arizona is Valley Fever. Despite the name, the disease is caused by a fungus that grows in the soil of Arizona.

Valley Fever is present in much of the Southwest US and California. Arizona's climate is perfect for the fungus, making it particularly common.

Much of Arizona is Barren

Arizona is a large state, but that doesn't mean there's something to do everywhere. Much of Arizona is utterly barren and desert topography.

For most, moving near or into a city is a must. "The middle of nowhere" relates to a large portion of Arizona. Living away from cities makes entertainment, travel, and emergencies all much more difficult to manage.

Haboobs (Seriously)

If you don't live near a desert, you may have never heard the term "haboob." A haboob is a severe dust storm that typically forms after a thunderstorm.

These enormous dust clouds are large enough to cover entire cities and thousands of feet tall. They move in on Arizona communities and can clog the air for hours or even days. Make sure you bring a face covering if you move into Arizona!

Pros and Cons of Living in Arizona

While there are ups and down to living in Arizona, it remains a beautiful state and one of the nicest places to live. Weigh the pros and cons to see if Arizona living is right for you.

If you're considering moving states to Arizona, you should contact us! We can help you find the right property for you and your loved ones in the Copper State.

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