Luxury Homes in Scottsdale: Key Features to Look For

Reports show that the purchase of luxury homes went down 28% in 2022. Despite this dip, people are still on the hunt for the best luxury homes out there.

There will always be a demand for luxury homes in Scottsdale since they have so many features. If you want a home with character, this is the type of home to look for.

There are several key features that make luxury homes stand out. These are things that should be on your list that you absolutely must have when purchasing a home.

Keep reading to find out what features to look for in luxury homes in Scottsdale.

A Good View

One of the most important features of a luxury home is the view. Many luxury homes have earned this title because of where they're located within the city.

Luxury homes are usually on a large piece of property, giving you plenty of landscape. The home may be on a hill where you are able to overlook other homes.

The view is going to depend entirely on where the home's located. It also depends on the type of you you enjoy, some people enjoy looking at an expanse of trees in their backyard.

Others may prefer a bird's eye view of the rest of the city. You should also have a good view from the front and the back of the home.

This is important since you will be spending time in both areas and you want a view that will impress.

Smart Home Technology

The majority of luxury homes include a key feature that you definitely want to have. This is smart home technology that enables your home to be more convenient and efficient.

A luxury home should be equipped with cutting-edge technology for the entire home. This usually includes things like controlled appliances, thermostats, and lighting.

You should be able to hook these things up to your phone and control them no matter where you are. This is very effective, especially for large luxury homes where efficiency is important.

This gives you the freedom to control how your home is functioning, even when you aren’t there. It also provides top-quality security from smoke detection to break-in detection.

You will be able to get notifications about these issues straight to your phone. It is important for luxury homes to have great security systems to prevent theft.

Outdoor Elements

Buying a luxury home in Scottsdale is a big investment, and you want it to pay off. One way to do this is to look for outdoor elements that fit your lifestyle.

The majority of luxury homes have a variety of outdoor elements that make them more valuable. The most common option that you will see is outdoor pools and saunas.

These are very common and allow you to enjoy a dip in the pool right in your backyard. Outdoor kitchen and dining areas are also very common so you can enjoy the summer months.

Outdoor fire pits and changing cabanas are also some things you may want to look for. You can always make changes and add elements after buying the home, but it's easier to find these homes as is.


Luxury homes are often designed to have privacy features for the entire property. This is important if you want to remain anonymous and avoid attracting a bunch of attention.

This adds value to the property and helps to create more security for your home. Most luxury homes are far away from other homes and are not located right on the street.

They often have different kinds of fencing that span the entire property. It may even have an automatic security fence that keeps intruders out.

Many homes also have a type of privacy screen from trees. This creates an eye-appealing landscape while still providing privacy for your home.

How much privacy you want is going to depend on where the home's located. If the property is very large, you may not need as much privacy since your home is not in plain view.

High-End Kitchen

A very common luxury home feature that you will find is a high-end kitchen. You want the kitchen to have all of the modern features to make cooking and hosting meals easy.

Many luxury kitchens have warming drawers, wine fridges, and restaurant-quality appliances. Walk-in pantries are also very common for effective storage.

You may also want a kitchen that has a double fridge or one that is extra large. The kitchen should be much larger than the average kitchen with an island to keep the space efficient.

Walk-in Closets

One feature that you definitely need to look for is a walk-in closet. These are extra large closets that are pretty much a small bedroom within a normal bedroom.

They are much larger than the average closet, allowing you to use them as a changing room as well. The majority of the bedrooms in the home should have walk-in closets.

But it is especially important that this is a part of the master bedroom. If you are really going for fancy home features, you can look for homes that have dressing rooms as well.

Open Plan Bathrooms

A spa bathroom is part of the design of many luxury homes. This is an open planet bathroom that is much larger than the average bathroom with spa-like features.

Luxury homes in Scottsdale should have several bathrooms, many being of this design. They should include things like walk-in showers, bathtubs, and multiple sinks.

Some extra features include things like towel warmers, a Jacuzzi, and radiant heating floors. Many people specifically look for spa bathrooms that have a lot of marble features.

Specialty Rooms

Something that makes a high-end home stand out is specialty rooms. The average home has a few bedrooms, a kitchen, bathrooms, and a living room and that is all.

A luxury home should have more options, such as a game or theater room. These are also entertainment rooms that allow you to really elevate your home and create the perfect space.

This is ideal for families so that they can spend time together in their homes. Some homes even have indoor pools, sports bars, or indoor basketball courts.

If you do any work at home, a home office is also very important. Some people may also want an exercise room where they can keep all of their workout gear.

Open Floor Plan

One element that you will likely see and the majority of luxury homes is an open floor plan. The majority of high-end homes are large and open to create an expensive feeling atmosphere.

This modern type of plan highlights tall ceilings, grand foyers, and architectural designs. This also helps to highlight the expanse of windows that most luxury homes have.

This type of layout also creates more curb appeal. These homes look good from the inside and the outside, and this layout has many functional benefits too.

An open plan allows your family to interact more freely with each other. The house will not be boxed off like most homes, helping it to feel larger and more intentional.

This also allows you to invest in larger decor pieces like statues or fountains.

What Makes a Luxury Home?

Many people have heard of luxury homes but do not know what they are exactly. A luxury home is an individual property that is considered to have more unique features.

Most homes are considered to be luxury homes if they have a median threshold price of $912,500. They are also situated in prime locations with a more unique architectural design.

Some people consider buying a luxury home because they want the statement of it. Others may make this purchase because they want all of the features that are included.

Luxury homes are considered to be a great investment since you often get a lot for what you pay for. They also have a high resell value if the market is good.

Luxury Homes in Scottsdale

If you are looking for luxury homes in Scottsdale, you may not know what to look for. The term luxury home is quite vague since there is no definitive definition to describe what this is.

The good news is that most luxury homes can be identified by the high-end features they are designed with.

Do you want to buy a luxury home with all of these special features? Contact us today at Segovia Property Group for the best luxury home options in Scottsdale.

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